Unlock Requirement

TC Level>=130

Warriors System EntranceEdit

Click Warriors icon to enter Warriors system page.

Warriors system entrance





  • 1) Reset Time: 00:00 server time everyday
  • 2) The challenge progress moves back to Instance 1-1 at this time.
  • 3) Warriors’ grades are reset to default grades.
  • 4) 3 Free challenges chances per day.
  • 5) Cost of extra challenge chances reset.

Challenge ChancesEdit

  • 1) 3 free chances are present every day at 00:00
  • 2) Players can use gold to buy extra chances, no VIP requirement.
Challenge Chances Costs
Number of Extra Chance bought Cost per chance bought
1-10 20
11-20 40
21+ 100

What is the warriors system all about?Edit

Warrior system main screen

chapter 1 entrance.


  • 1) There are 2 chapters currently available in the warriors system, and there are 10 instances in each chapter, inside every instance there are 5 warriors with different difficulty.
  • 2) The instance difficulty gradually increases, and with the high grades of the warriors means the greater difficulty.

Instance ChallengeEdit

Warrior fight screen

example of warrior fights. stars under each hero indicate strength

  • 1) 1 challenge chance for start of 1 attempt. When your soldiers become 0, your challenge of this instance ends.
  • 2) Formation and heroes attribute will be set and cannot be changed once you enter the instance, please adjust to the best formation and conscript sufficient soldiers in advance.
  • 3) The grades cap of each warrior is 5 stars, you can use refresh OR 5 stars to change the grades of each warrior. 3 free refresh are given at 00:00 every day.
  • 4) The higher grades of the warrior, the higher difficulty and the better rewards.
  • 5) You can start another attempt only when the current attempt is completed.

Wonderful RewardsEdit

rewards for beating each foe is dependant on their star ranking

this is

  • honor (stars * 1000) so 1000-5000
  • Magic jewels (stars * 5) so 5-25
  • then based on star number
    • 1 star = 20 medals
    • 2 star = 30 medals
    • 3 star = 50 medals
    • 4 star = 1 Sacred Jewel Package ( package = one sacred jewel of each type)
    • 5 star = 2 Sacred Jewel Package


  • 1) Warrior Rewards: every warrior 100% drops rewards, the higher grades, the better rewards.
  • 2) Instance Clearance Rewards: the higher clearance grades, the better rewards. Rewards are given every time you complete each instance.
  • 3) Chapter Clearance Rewards: Chapter Clearance Rewards are given once all the instances in the chapter are completed. Rewards are given only once. (each chapter is 10 instances in length)
Chapter clearance rewards



  • 4) Accumulative Challenge Grades Rewards: it counts the highest grades of each instance you challenge, once the accumulative grades reach the following grades; you’ll be able to claim rewards. Rewards are given only once.

The accumulative grades are the sum of the 5 highest grades of each attempt. Details explanations as follows:

  • a. For example, Instance 1-1, no matter how many times you challenge, the highest accumulative grades you can get are 5.
  • b. 50 accumulative grades means at least 10 instances clearance.
  • c. If you get each 4 grades in Instance 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, and lose to 1-5, the accumulative grades are 20, the rewards of 20 grades will be activated. If you continue to challenge Instance 1-1 and beat 1-5 grades, the accumulative grades will become 21.

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