Totem Equipment

"With powerful equipment, you can sweep away any enemy in the war. Then, what equipment is powerful enough for you? It is undoubtedly that they are the totems, a kind of equipment with unprecedentedly strong power. They will never fail you!" (got to love the wording, Tesoffer)

Requirement for Totem:

The totems are unlocked after the server has been open for 100 days. In other words, a player can gain access to the functions of totems in the spring of 209 AD in the game.

You must also have War Academy of Lv 100, and have all formations at Lv 20 before totem formation can be unlocked.


Attack Defense Skill Attack Skill Defense Strategy Attack Strategy Defense Soldiers
Fire Rat Beetle Wild Horse Wild Boar Goshawk Intelligent Fox Leopard
Brave Tiger Buffalo Fire Eagle Stone Monkey Green Phoenix Intelligent Snake Saint Chicken
Raging Lion Crocodile Thunder Kylin Strong Bull Intelligent Horse Pangolin Black Wasp
Saint Dog Hornless Dragon Saint Crane Howl Leopard Cat Holy Snake Saint Child
Fire Kylin Longicorn Paradise Bird Saint Lion Saint Fox Winged Snake Saint Sheep
Lava Phoenix Raging Orang Saint Bird Smilosuchus Saint Rosefinch Flying tiger Locust

Saint Dragon

Saint Turtle Roc Giant Turtle Rare Dragon Saint Snake Creator

Totem formation requirements




Available number of totems

Totem formation

Lv 0



Totem formation

Lv 1

Lv 100 war academy


Totem formation

Lv 2

Lv 110 war academy


Totem formation

Lv 3

Lv 120 war academy



1. All heroes in the formation will be influenced by the totems when they are used. For example, if the skill totem can increase the skill ATK by 1000, it will do the same for all the heroes in the formation.

2. To use the totems, the 8 basic formations should be upgraded to Lv 20 as stated above. However, only 1 totem of same type can be used in a formation. For example, you cannot put 2 weapon +ATT totems at the same time in the formation .

3. There are different limitations for different totems to upgrade. For example, the white totem can not be upgraded, but the purple totem can be upgraded to Lv 6.

Totem Levels

level 1 : Brave (starting level)

  • Level 2 : Bright (max for green totem) 500 exp
  • Level 3 : Intelligence (max for blue totem) 2000 exp
  • level 4 : Miracle (max for yellow totem) 5000 exp
  • Level 5 : Air cutter (max for RED totem) 10000 exp
  • Level 6  : Ruin (max for purple totem) 20000 exp
  • Level 7 : Magic (max for orange totem) 50000 exp

4. The higher level the totem reaches, the stronger capability a player will get.

5. The success rate for totem upgrading will change at 12:30 and 19:00 in each day. Both of the failed upgrading and the successful refreshing with gold (available for VIP2 players or above) will increase the success rate.

6. The totems can be upgraded only with sufficient Exp.

7. The Exp. will increase automatically. (50 exp per day at level 100) Besides, player can feed the totems by jewels or tokens to increase their Exp. Details are as follows:

Green Token Emerald Wolf Emerald Tiger Emerald Phoenix Emerald Dragon Ruby Tiger Ruby Phoenix Ruby Dragon Ruby Kylin
Exp. 30 30 35 40 70 50 55 60
Blue Token Jet Phoenix Jet Dragon 'Jet 'Kylin 'Jet 'Tyloo
Exp. 100 80 90 100
Yellow Token Topaz Dragon Topaz Kylin Topaz Tyloo Topaz Ausgon
Exp. 200 250 300 400
Red Token Jade Kylin Jade Tyloo Jade Ausgon Jade Pishee Purple Token Imperial Seal Imperial Seal Fr.
Exp. 1000 900 900 1000 Exp. 2000 100

Totem TalentEdit

1. Totem-Talent System
Now you can enhance the attributes of your totem by boosting their talent. Different kind of totems will have different type of talents. For example, the weapon totem can increase the common attack of your forces. There are 7 types of totem talent as follows: Common Attack, Common Defense, Skill Attack, Skill Defense, Strategy Attack, Strategy Defense and Recover.

Requirement: Yellow totem or above

1. The totem talents are rated on a scale of Lv. 1 to Lv. 20, which are divided into 3 different phases. Totems of different qualities belong to the 3 different phases, and it will consume different items to boost the talent level in each phase.

Talent upgrade table

totem talent upgrade table

2. In different phases, there will be different success rate and CD for the boost. You can use the Blood Jewel or gold to get a success rate of 100%, and use the gold to clear the CD. Blood jewels can be obtained from Elke map and Thaichow map.
3. When selling a totem, you will be returned 60% of the items you use to boost it.
4. You can obtain the magic jewels in the NPC battle of Mizuma map and Jimnai map.

5. There are now levels beyond master for Orange totems only. These use divine jewels. These can be obtained from events, Draenam Map, and Donfigus map .

totem talent upgrade costs and success chances


Expert/Success Master/Success Guru/sucess
1 100,000 Silver/80% 100 Jewels at 50% 100 Magic Jewel at 22% 100 Divine jewels

300,000 Silver/75%

200 jewels at 45% 200 Magic jewels at 21% 200 Divine jewels

800,000 Silver/70%

500 jewels at 40% 500 Magic jewels at 20% 500 Divine jewels
4 1,100,000 Silver/65% 600 jewels at 35% 600 Magic jewels at 19% 600 Divine jewels
5 1,500,000 silver/60%

700 jewels

at 30%

700 Magic jewels at 18% 700 Divine jewels
6 2,000,000 silver / 55% 800 jewels at 24% 800 Magic jewels 800 Divine jewels
7 ---------------------

1000 jewels

at 23%

1000 magic jewels 1000 Divine jewels

Attack Talent


Defensive Talent














Pink totemsEdit

(available since 15/01/2014)
Totem evolve

How to open pink totems/creator jewel pages.Edit

Hero->Totem->Click an orange totem->Creator Jewel|Evolve
Hero->Totem->Click any totem/totem fr.->Creator Jewel

To make pink totems Combine Creator Jewel fragments and then use Creator Jewel to evolve orange totem into pink.

20 Creator Jewel Fragments combine into 1 Creator Jewel.

Combining Creator Jewel fragments is 100% successful.

Creator Jewel Fragments can be obtained from Goguryeo Maps, Fortune Wheel and some events.


  • Only orange totem with max experience and talent can be evolved into pink totem.
  • Totem evolution is 100% successful.
  • Evolve orange totem into pink totem consumes 10 Creator Jewels.

note a bound totem cannot be evolved. (unbind and wait and then it can be evolved)

After EvolutionEdit

once evolved, the orange totem becomes pink totem and its attribute and talents are greatly increased.
Pink totem experience starts from 0 and can be upgraded to Dynamic level.
Pink totem talent goes to page 2 and can be boosted to snob 36.

Pink totem

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