Ancient Altar
Starsouls become available once your TC reaches 100 and the Ancient Altar becomes available.

Selecting the WARSTAR tab will bring up your starsouls. (either thru the Ancient Altar OR shop buildings)





Starsouls come in 5 types:

  • Strength Starsoul—Increase hero’s Str
  • Dexterity Starsoul—Increase hero’s Dex
  • Intellect Starsoul—Increase hero’s Int
  • Resilient Starsoul—Increase soldier cap
  • Starsoul Protection—Protect the major Starsoul from losing points during combination

Players can obtain Starsoul from: Shop, Boxes, Events and the Black Market.
Starsouls are classified into 7 qualities and 7 levels. The higher the level or the quality, the more attribute change it brings. Quality ranks are

  • white (bronze boxes/shop) cost on black market 18 gold; 20 in shop.
  • green (silver boxes) cost on black market 100 gold
  • Blue (Silver boxes) cost on black market 300 gold
  • yellow (Gold box) cost on black market 500 gold.
  • red (Gold box) cost on black market1000 gold.
  • purple (black market) cost on black market 2000 gold.
  • orange (black market) cost on black market 5000 gold.


Combination screen
Every Starsoul has Starsoul volume.

(a bit like EXP) Same types can be combined into higher level Starsoul but the success rate decreases as the level gets higher.
There is a Major and a Minor slot in the combination panel.

The Major slot is the starsoul you want to upgrade.

The minor slot is for the gem you wish to sacrifice to upgrade the major.

Upon successful combination, the Starsoul volume of minor slot will be transferred to the major slot. The Starsoul will upgrade its level if the required volume is reached.

If the starsouls fail to combine, the volume at major slot may reduce. The Starsoul at minor slot will be gone regardless. You can protect against volume loss by using a starsoul protection or paying 20 gold.

starsoul power table

Quality level

Upgrade level

level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 level 6 level 7
white 2/80 3/120 4/160 5/200 6/240 8/320 10/400
green 3/120 4/160 5/200 6/240 8/320 10/400 15/600
blue 4/160 5/200 6/240 8/320 10/400 15/600 20/800
yellow 5/200 6/240 8/320 10/400 15/600 20/800
red 6/240 8/320 10/400 15/600 20/800
purple 8/320 10/400 15/600 20/800
orange 10/400 15/600 20/800




You can soulcept Starsouls onto heroes at the soulception panel.
Every hero starts with 4 Starsoul slots, each corresponds to different type of Starsoul. Player can increase the number of slots with gold.
A Hero’s attribute will improve according to the Starsouls he has placed in his slots. Each hero can unlock an extra slot for each starsoul type. they cost,
  • 100 gold
  • 200 gold
  • 500 gold
  • 1000 gold

per hero.

starsouls go in in ANY order so unlocking second row allows any 2 of the same type at the same time.

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