The Ancient Altar will be available upon TC hitting lv100.
once at Lv.10 altar you can perform rituals which raise the ability to gain all kinds of resources.

Ritual types:
There are 7 types of rituals and 9 levels for each:
  • Storm ritual: increase treasury, barn and reserve forces cap
  • Apollo ritual: increase the gain of honor and Reputation points
  • Lunar ritual: increase caravan number and profits
  • Air ritual: increase silver from levy
  • Thunder ritual: increase crit rate of levy and upgrades
  • Star ritual: increase the cap of upgrade and forging
  • Mist ritual: increase the exp from training and enhance

Ritual upgrade

  • 1)When the altar is Lv.10,you can upgrade ritual in "Ritual” panel
  • 2)There are two modes of ritual upgrade
  • 3)Upgrading rituals need silver and gold, the amount increases as level gets higher.
  • 4)The higher the ritual level, the higher the success rate of upgrade.
  • 5)Each upgrade has a CD. The higher the level, the longer the CD. The CD can be 1 hour long.
  • 6)Ritual level can’t exceed the altar’s level. see below.

All Rituals have 9 levels. Each increases on the basic level 1 ritual after the first and gets easier to get (sort of) but costs more.

  • level 1 needs altar lv 10 and has a 1% chance of success
  • level 2 needs altar lv 30 and has a 3% chance of success
  • level 3 needs altar lv 50 and has a 6% chance of success
  • level 4 needs altar lv 70 and has a 12% chance of success
  • level 5 needs altar lv 90 and has a 18% chance of success
  • level 6 needs altar lv 110 and has a 24%? chance of success

cost of each ritual vary depending which one is used and cost a lot of both gold and silver the higher you go.

tto get level 1, be prepared to spam the upgrade button... and still fail.

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