added 15/01/2014

Unlock requirement:Edit

Town Center ≥ LV.120

Refine entrance
er refinement will not be fully utilised untill TC and heros are lv 150+

At this point entry is is in town thru this icon....

First you need to create Moon Stone and then use the Moon Stone to refine pink equip.
Equipment refine page

Moon Stone can be created by using Sacred Jewels on the moon stone combination page. To Create 1 Moon Stone consumes 20 Sacred Jewel of each kind.

Once you have a few moon stones you can move on to refining.






  • Only Pink equipment can be refined.
  • Equip refinement is 100% successful.
  • Equipment refining consumes Moon Stone. Different equipment and different refine levels consume different number of Moon Stone. (see table below)
  • Currently each piece of pink equipment can be refined 12 times (+12) at most.
Refine Pink page
Refinement costs and benefits

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