Here are some links to tools that can be of use to players.

Profile tools v1.1- Currently on Google Docs, meant to help keep track of what profiles can run what PRs, data submission form is linked to on the front page, don't bother filling in the time sections, I haven't worked out a satisfactory method of handling that yet ([S3]Sadist1, Kongregate servers). Please pay attention to the instructions in the form, hopefully they are clear enough.

Needs more profiles added please.

Boomy's WarFlow Bible- Also on Google Docs, derived from Boomy's Warflow SS after he stopped working on it, don't think it has been updated for a while either.

WarFlow Uber-Sheet- Another spreadsheet on Google Docs, also derived from Boomy's Warflow SS, has some differences to Boomy's WarFlow Bible including the equipment price calculator. Hasn't been seriously updated for a while as far as I can tell. help with this sheets creation was [S2]joetay. If you want further updates, or something fixed, feel free to post to him on kongregate. username joetay.

equipment upgrade calculator as made by [S2]joetay (kongregate player). Older than the version in the Uber-Sheet.

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