You can shift from your current nation to a weaker nation. The strength of a nation is based on several factors.

(from what people have learned, strength of the nation is based on number of people and their level IN each nation and to a lesser extent the number of owned towns , and there are others but noone seems to know them)

KNOWN Requirements:

  • 1. TC level≥100;
  • 2. The types of shift include ‘the strong to the medium’, ‘the strong to the weak’ or ‘the medium to the weak’, and you can only choose one of the three shifts;
  • 3. you must fire all of the RP heroes before shift;
  • 4. Quit any legion before shift;
  • 5. AND you can shift your nation only once every 30 days.

1. You can operate the nation shift 3 days after you apply for it, and the system will sent an e-mail to inform you (You can cancel the shift halfway);
2. Select the target nation;
3. You can go to the hero shift page after meeting above rules.

Rules about the hero shift:

  • 3.1. According to the highest RP you ever reached, there will be relevant RP heroes of target nation to select;
  • 3.2. You can only shift 7 RP heroes at first. Then, you can use gold to add more slots;

(From what I hear, this means you get to move improve stats and levels to new heros up to 7 max not the heros themselves.... see below.... but ONLY 7 heros so pick your best 7)

  • 3.3. For ‘strong or medium to weak’, you can shift the hero level, force level and improvement attribute at a shift rate of 100%; For ‘strong to medium’, you can only shift the hero level and force level at rate of 80%, but you use gold to get a rate of 100%.

4. You will abandon the dependency, farm and mine by default, but you will get forage and silver from the farm or mine partly. (just like moving towns really)

5. You will no longer be hostile to the target nation. Instead, you will be Deadly to the nation to which you belonged before nation-shift. ( You traitor you! There will be vengance!)

1. The equipment and totem still remain after the nation shift.
2. Players who stay in a weak nation can enjoy extra honor and RP (1.2 times)

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