To gain warspirit you have to enhance your heros (by using gold or honor) while training in the training ground.

When you have enough warspirit, you can unlock mentors depending on how much warspirit you have AND the level of your Town Center (TC).

Warspirit mentor ListEdit

  • Zenos Lv 20 TC Increases training exp by a bit (5%)
  • Rootrie TC lv 40 Increases greatly training exp (10%)
  • Harco TC lv 20 small chance of increasing training exp by 50%
  • Simahu TC lv 40 Big chance of increasing training exp by 50%
  • Pondagon TC lv 50 Increases slightly the chance of increasing exp by 50%
  • Zeots TC lv 60 Increases training crit greatly (costly but so worth it )
  • Yuji TC lv 50 reduces Enhancement cooldown by 2 min
  • Nanwalord TC lv 60 reduces Enhancement cooldown by 3 min
  • Wugot TC lv 20 small chance of returning a enhancement card
  • Manolu TC lv 40 Bigger chance of returning a enhancement card
  • Zarnchu TC lv 50 Having chance of returning 2 enhancement cards
  • Zemi TC lv 60 A chance of happening 2 consecutive enhancements
  • Zarnsin TC lv 20 Increases the number of warspirits by a bit
  • Luliney TC lv 50 Increases Greatly the number of warspirits obtained
  • Ganphen TC lv 40 Possible to obtain double warspirit
  • Yellowmoon TC lv 60 Lowers the consumption of unlocking Mentors by 5%

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