Blaze Crossbow unit(has high parry rate, high critical rate and a small dodge rate).
Changes to Flame crossbow unit on force upgrade.

Base stats Str: 100 Dex: 117 Int: 86

Has 'Succession Blaze' skill, In-game decription is 'Attacks a unit 3 times in a round, if unit dies within 2 attacks, other unit of enemy will suffer the rest of the attacks'. If the first shot is dodged, he won't use the second and the third. If the first shot is a hit, he will attack with all remaining shots.

Ludu is used only for his 'Succession Blaze' skill, and as skill is only affected by horse, so upgrading a weapon or book for him is useless as these will not affect his skill damage.

(not entirely true... an good upgraded weapon for him can come in handy IF his skill doesn't fire but is NOT a priority as really you want his skill to fire every round ... Tesoffer)

Draft Cost is 12000 silver

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