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These pages are a work in progress! Feel free to add to hero descriptions (or pictures) as I myself (tesoffer one of many players) am still learning and there are MANY heros to choose from. I only add when I have time and have USED the hero in question... But IF you have an opinion about a hero please feel free to add that to the messages under the page.

IF unfamiliar with wiki quirks, please edit WHOLE PAGE, as the tables will misalign, causing me no end of headaces to fix. (tables not originally added by me, tesoffer, but they do look nice, so I kept them)

Starting HeroesEdit

Haera Frost Longbowmen Strafe
Haitheis Onagers -
Jacoblin Shadow Cavalry Earthquake
Lyone Heavy Infantry Shelter
Lyroy Golden Cavalry Charge
Meceria Flame Light Infantry Karma
Rojald Flame Spearmen Taunt
Royvan Light Infantry Confuse
Trephics Ballistas -

Militia HeroesEdit

Jenlon Auxilias Strafe
Jimbull Spearmen Daunt
Gikatio Chasseurs Cavalry Hunk

Donjerd HeroesEdit

Thewlon Onagers -
Waxon Shielders Shelter
Lirux Thunder Warlocks -
Donjerd Crossbowmen Rage

Gamzon HeroesEdit

Gamschild Hussars Confuse
Gamzon Pikemen Penetrate

Other HeroesEdit

Taechamp Fire Warlocks -
Charidea Dance Troupe -
Whattoc Medical Corps -

Jackluis HeroEdit

Jackluis Ballistas -

Roychute HeroesEdit

Raybell Peltasts Shelter
Kaelin Wave Cavalry Spur
Roychute Chariotry -

Cupecus HeroesEdit

Schmoulk Hammer Heavy Infantry Struggle
Cupecus Flame Light Infantry Karma

Lloybuke HeroesEdit

Caemos Golden Crossbowmen Hunk
Ichea War Drummers -
Winpitch Dragon Cavalry Whirlwind
Lloybuke War Drummers -

Luisdgar HeroesEdit

Lenbuik Shadow Cavalry Earthquake
Lesphil Flame Ballistas -
Janius Hammer Chariot -
Luisdgar Poison Boomerangmen Incite

Matton HeroesEdit

Hansil Flame Spearmen Taunt
Mathae Thunder Catapults -
Matton Cataphract Archery Outbreak

Monhue HeroesEdit

Wiltogus Death Heavy Infantry Counterattack
Jurica Barbarians Stun
Monhue War Elephants Counterattack

Ryeshock HeroesEdit

Shuyatis Blaze Warlocks -
Englion Heavy Pikemen Penetrate
Winchow Thunder Cavalry Taunt
Ryeshock Peltasts Shelter

Lubon HeroesEdit

Drawley Heavy Onagers -
Teurete Dance Troupe -
Lubon Lion Cavalry Nunchaku

Beluprus Map HeroesEdit

Yumpik (Beluprus 1)
Chandler Spearmen Daunt
Wyatt Flame Ballistas -
Lawson Guerillas Uprise
Camgle (Beluprus 2)
Shanton Chariotry -
Gorshion Flame Light Infantry Karma
Lavius Flame Ballistas -
Shendo (Beluprus 3)
Jennie Hussars Confuse
Yellowmoon Dance Troupe -

Volpugny Map HeroesEdit

Kwondo (Volpugny 1)
Gerard Cataphract Archery Outbreak
Luis Thunder Catapults -
Cason Tiger Cavalry Wave
Haniver (Volpugny 2)
Manchon Hussars Confuse
Chuckshaw Chasseurs Cavalry Hunk
Jarcquxe Thorn Warlocks -
Shepton (Volpugny 3)
Yangu Heavy Pikemen Penetrate
Johnway Red Sword Cavalry Immolation

Malscinia Map HeroesEdit

Redcliff (Malscinia 1)
Grayson Flood Warlocks -
Chaim Hammer Chariot -

Panthera Cavalry

Aberush (Malscinia 2)
Chanson Blaze Warlocks -
Eupho Rocky Heavy Infantry Bulwark
Dinphen Heavy Onagers -
Kanet (Malscinia 3)
Jugalow Bolt Warlocks -
Lewzi Vulcan Warlocks -


Hero Arena HeroesEdit

WORLD MAP HEROES - Map Preview Edit



Tunsheil / MizumaEdit

  • Mann - Mincing Machine

White CityEdit

Qinggil / jimnaiEdit






Kinlin Edit

  • Kaga - Moon wizard / Hydromoon warlock
  • Ludu - Blaze Crossbow / Flame crosssbowmen















For a complete RP HERO breakdown go here.Edit

shows rp level and hero gained for each nation in an easy to view format...

Beluprus RP HeroesEdit

Volpugny RP HeroesEdit

Malscinia RP HeroesEdit

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