New Battlefield- Hero Arena Edit

As we know, honor and equipment are very essential to enhance fighting capability, and battles are the best way to earn them. Therefore, we create the Hero Arena for you. In the new battlefield, you can obtain much better equipment. However, since heroes in the battles are elites, strong fighting capacity is necessary to challenge them. You can gain access to the new battlefield when you have the RP of 600,000 and defeat the 3 final bosses of the third maps of Volpugny, Beluprus and Malscinia. ====

Details about the Heroes in Battlefield:====

Cost Silver Str Dex Int Heros Type Skill Description
12000 106 66 102 Chaukoon War Drummer increades own morale by 30 and secreases opponent's morale
12000 92 116 80 Leon Brave Lion Cavalry Consecutive Nunchaku uses nunchaku repeatedly
12000 86 93 77 Lucas >Black Dragon Cavalry Consecutive Wirlwind uses whirlwind repeatedly
12000 77 94 88 Leokong Wizard - Halve the damage back to enemy
Special elite(cannot be recruited) - - - Jonco Raging Tiger Cavalry Consecutive Rage cause great damage to enemy
12000 80 85 115 Neilhence Healer - Reinforcement for 1 unit

Props Dropped in Battlefield

Force Type Prop Required Level Remarks
Strategy force Purple Armors Dragon Plate Lv100
Machinery force Purple Mounts Flame Phoenix Lv100
Skill Attack force Orange Weapon World-shaking Hammer Lv100
Hero legion(created without nationality limitation) Purple Book Imperial Edict Lv100 Drop from legion
Purple Weapon Totem Magma Phoenix Lv100
Purple Headdress Iron Dragon Lv100 Award for Clearance

Ⅱ 'Friendly Challenge System Have you ever wanted to retain your prestige in the legion, or take a friendly challenge against your buddies in the battlefield? Now, the Friendly Challenge System is coming to satisfy you! Besides, surprises are waiting for you.

==== Notes:====

1. The first challenge of a day is free for players, and then, it will cost players 1 MCU and 5 gold for each time;

2. Players will not lose any soldiers and will get enhance card at random in the battle.

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