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From your city once you reach level 100 you can access the gems tab thru the icon seen to the left.

Once inside there are 2 things to do.

1: Combine gems into higher ranked gems.

2: Add gems to your purple or higher class equipment.

Combining gems Edit

To combine gems you need 4 of the same type and these will make 1 of the next higher class gems.

At this time there is no known limit to the size of gem that can be created except by level.

At level 100 the biggest gem allowed is size 5, at level 110 level 6 can be created etc.

gems can be acquired from:

and will be from level 1 to 5 in most cases (black market has level 9)

level 1 gems required to make each size
size amount of level 1 gems needed to make this size
1 1
2 4
3 16
4 64
5 256
6 1024
7 4096
8 16384
9 65536

Equipping Gems Edit

Gem equip page

Swapping to the equip page using the tab at the top will allow you to equip gems to your items.

ONLY items of Purple quality or higher can have gems imbedded in them.

Up to 4 gems per Item can be imbedded this way however only the first 2 slots are open on any item. to open the other 2 costs 50 gold for the 3rd slot and 100 gold for the 4th slot.

These slots stay open if the item is upgraded in class (to orange or pink from purple) and in most cases 2 lower level gems have a better effect than 1of the next higher gem.

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