Fortune wheel
Turn the wheel and win rewards!!!

A new feature in the city. Gives random chances of random equipment rewards.

Level requirement:Edit

TC >lv 21.


There are free chances and bought chances.

Free chance will be used before bought chance. Players can buy chances by clicking “Buy” in the interface. A player will receive 1 free chance respectively at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00. The maximum free chances is 50.The default chance is set at 1, but players can set it to 10 and 50 at “Chance Setting”.

Costs to buy chances are:

Cost of wheel








Apart from winning jewels (5) honor (TC *10) or Silver (TC*100) you can get other rewards as well.

3%, 10% and 100% rewards... these take from the cumulative reward at the top of the wheel. The cumulative reward increases after each attempt. If 3% or 10% cumulative reward is won, the cumulative reward will be reduced by the same amount. Of course if the 100% reward is won Cumulative reward restarts from 0.


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