Enemy at the Gates (or EAG when used in chat) is the special battle opened on the Allies map. Like the battles before it, all movement and battles take time.

However note the new features on this map.

  • Besieger..... stops 1 player for 1 minute. You can free the player by standing next to them
  • Lightning .... causes one (or more) players to lose troops AND be stuck for 30 seconds (being hit & stuck is random and MAY not occur)
  • Scrolls ... gain extra maps on completion of battle (2 per scroll collected on general for yourself, 1 for colonel or less)


  • General (3:59 or less) ..... 11 maps
  • Colonel (4:59 or less) ..... 5 maps
  • Captain
  • Cadet

Guide to completionEdit

At 1:30 into battle, Tiphank launches Besieger. This ability traps a random player for a turn.

At 2:00 Ryeshock launches Lightning. This ability can cause several players to lose many troops, and stun for one turn.

To avoid these harmful effects, player #4 must go after Tiphank first, then Ryeshock, Winchow, Gamzon.

Battle replay:

To get general there is no time to supply for player 4. The easiest positions are players #1 and #3. Player #4 is the hardest position, and player #2 is medium difficulty.

Player #1 takes out the top enemies, avoid Gamzon and go for roychute. This position can supply once and still end with general if you don't waste time not doing anything and have avoided bushes as much as possible.

Players #2 & 3 team up to kill remaining enemies on right side of map; The one that is more to the right side (2nd position) should prioritize reaching Jacklein/Jaux while defeating the forces in the way. The 3rd position player may also kill gamzon; if this is the case, the 4th position player should get winchow and circle topside back right to kill Jaux.

Player #4 Avoid jacklein/Jaux, Go directly to kill tiphank, then ryeshock, then winchow, and lastly gamzon (or jauxhaus). If you don't, there is no way to complete with general rank (hardest position). If your running multiple accounts focus on this position, no other position can reach ryeshock/tiphank in time, so if your late in this position you will lose general rank.

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