Collections SystemEdit

Introduced at the same time as version 5. (25/04/13)

The new area allows more improvements for heros with the correct items which can be gained from the warriors system. will fix this uponce I pass lv 130 and can use the system... tesoffer.

Unlock RequirementEdit

TC Level>= 130

Collection sysem enteranceEdit

Click Collections icon to enter Warriors system page.
Collections entrance





What is it all about?Edit

1) Collect necessary materials scrolls to combine collections; some scrolls can be purchased in Black Market while materials are available in Warriors system. Collections are indicated by the lines on the screen.
2) Every collection can increase the resilience cap once it is activated.
3) Move cursor to each collection to view its necessary materials and scroll.
4) The attribute of each line will be activated when the collections on that line are completed.
5) Next floor (level) will be accessible when the previous floor is completed; next floor attribute will replace the previous.
6) Collection materials and scrolls are stored in the Inventory; make sure you have sufficient slots for the materials and scrolls or, like any other item, after 72 hrs it will vanish.

Level 1 pagoda

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